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Cuisines Laurier is known as one of the finest custom cabinetry manufacturer. The company originally began as small cabinet shop when passionate craftsmen decided to bring the art of custom cabinetmaking up to manufacturing capacity. Created for designers, our inset and full access lines offer an amazingly diversified selection of door styles, wood species, colors and specialty finishes. Designers from all over America love Cuisines Laurier for its extended flexibility and its capacity to deliver the most detailed projects.

Our Story

Story of a craftspeople company

Founded in 1990 by Léo Lévesque and André Talbot, Cuisines Laurier began in a small workshop where skilled artisans created custom furniture. This love of woodworking led to exceptional know-how in hand-crafting and finishing wood cabinetry, and the orders just kept coming.

Soon the Cuisines Laurier artisans came to understand the value of combining artistry with high production capacity. So, the handful of craftsmen invested time and energy turning Cuisines Laurier into a regional leader in industrial high-end cabinet manufacturing. These passionate artisans are still involved today, as both shareholders and workers.

The business’ reputation soon crossed the border as American designers couldn’t resist the fine craftsmanship found in Cuisines Laurier products. Growth accelerated, sales increased by 20% per year, and the number of employees grew significantly. Investments were made and Cuisines Laurier was soon equipped with a cutting-edge laboratory and workshop. Product offerings increased thanks to innovative development that improved manufacturing techniques and transcended physical boundaries.

Our heritage: the french tradition in furniture

Québec is a fertile melting pot of French, British, and American influences. This unique environment permitted Québec artisans to develop a distinctive savoir-faire. At the beginning of the industrialized age, a surprising number of woodworking shops sprang up in the Lotbinière region (home to Cuisines Laurier) and flourished both locally and in the U.S.

Cuisines Laurier is the proud offspring of mixed ancestry, rich in knowledge and innovation. Each cabinet at Cuisines Laurier reflects its heritage; each one abounds in tradition.

Our Craftspeople

People have always been Cuisines Laurier's richest resource. The original team of dedicated craftsmen has been joined by a bevy of specialists-engineers, colorists, technical specialists, woodworkers, computer-controlled machine operators, customer service agents, and many other wood lovers. Our people are without a doubt, the company's greatest asset in developing and producing a unique line of custom cabinetry. We believe only the most passionate workers can go that extra mile to meet the customer's expectations of perfection. This passion we share with our clientele is certainly what makes Cuisines Laurier a lovemark amongst kitchen & bath designers.

Green Design

Cuisines Laurier recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and managing resources in a responsible manner. It is a matter of making the earth a healthier place to live for future generations. We have long cared about environmental issues. Over time, we have taken a number of measures to improve our energy use and reduce the amount of waste produced during our operations. Our product development team is now working on making our product selection greener, and will introduce a wider range of green products in years to come. However, our best environmental asset is probably the durability of our products. We promise that our kitchen furniture will last for a long, long time. Our most environemental friendly products are identified with this logo:


Cuisines Laurier implemented a waste management system years ago that allows us to recycle roughly all our paper and wood fiber waste. Recycling has been part of the Cuisines Laurier culture from the very beginning. Paper and cardboard are recycled into new paper fiber, while wood shavings are used for animal bedding. Wood dust is recycled into fuel for other plants.


Though we are proud of our waste management system, we prefer to continue optimizing the use of raw material in order to produce less waste. This is what motivated us to purchase computer-operated machines and optimization software that help produce more output from the same amount of raw material.


Thanks to Quebec's green energy, Cuisines Laurier produces fewer greenhouse gases during its manufacturing process than most comparable North American manufacturers. Cuisines Laurier uses electricity to operate all its machinery and equipment. Quebec electricity is often known as the greenest in the world: 96% of electricity used in the province is hydroelectricity, a type of energy that produces very low levels of greenhouse gas emissions and no dangerous nuclear waste. The heating system at the Cuisines Laurier plant uses a combination of natural gas and hydroelectricity, which are currently the greenest energy sources available to us.

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