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  • We use melamine drawers as the basic model for our cabinets. Economical, efficient, and durable, this type of drawer is by far the most popular.Mainly made of white melamine, it is optionally available in imitation wood to mimic the look of a true wood drawer.

  • When you look at a drawer assembled with dovetail joints, the word “quality” immediately comes to mind. Compared to melamine drawers, this type of construction with trapeze shaped joints gives the face of the drawer better tensile strength when the drawer is opened. In addition, because it has a wooden cabinet box, this type of drawer is the only one to...

  • Since they appeared on the market, metal drawers have set a new standard in terms of functionality and look in modern kitchens. Most manufacturers offer several finishes and keep a complete line of interior storage systems, allowing users to adapt each drawer to its contents and leaving them free to reorganize their drawers as they like.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
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